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Price Quote - Resume Writing Cost

The cost of resume writing can be exorbitant due to the time consumed in producing a unique and quality document that is tailored to market the client's specific experience, training, skills and education. You will find, however, that Favor, though on the very low end of the pricing scale, will not compromise quality in any way. Our products are superior in that we work as unto God, producing documents of elegance and excellence. For less than the price of a hairstyle, or a work outfit, we give you the marketing tools necessary to get these things and more.  A professional resume is an investment in YOUR future! Each document created will go through a process that includes a comprehensive assessment, an in-depth analysis of personal information and documents, an interview, research, composition and revision, editing and formatting.


Resume fees are based on individual client's requirements and career history. Price may vary according to the level of technical difficulty.** In case of highly technical resumes, a final fee will be quoted before work commences on your document.

Note: Payment in full is required before order commences. Online payments for Career/Business documents are via PayPal invoice and are secured and encrypted. Allow three (3) days for final product! Price doubles for 24-hour service.


Client Satisfaction Guaranteed:  We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.



Entry Level resume

High School-ers*

New College graduates*

New in the workforce*

Less than 10 years experience


*50% special discounts

Professional Level resume

Mid-level Management

Mid-Career level

Mid-level professional

Lengthy job description

More than 10 years experience 



Level resume


Senior-level Management

Professional level

Specialized level

Engineers, Doctors

Lawyers, etc.


Professional document​s & Fees


*Basic general resume

**Check out specials at bottom!


and up*

Resume Review/Critique


Resume Tune-up/ Overhaul


Resume Fill-in/ Update


Cover letters


Thank You letters

*Free with Resume & Cover letter


State of Delaware Minimum-

Qualifications/Job Descriptions

*$25 each requirement; minimum $100


Application help

*Free with resume or cover letter



*Free with resume & cover letter


Additional Professional documents


Introductions, Speaking engagements, etc.


and up*



and up*

Complaint letters

*Per page; $75 per page to edit


and up

Miscellaneous letters

*Per page; $75 per page to edit


and up

Term Papers

$25 per page ($150 minimum)



$50 per page ($250 minimum)



Books, documents, et al

*Price to be determined. 


Non-document services

Wardrobe & Image Consulting

Business Attire & Accessories

Professional Photos for Bios etc

*Please call for information



*Price may vary according to the level of technical difficulty.

Special Discounts:

**High Schoolers & New Graduates/ New to the work-force - 50% off resumes

Entry Level Employees & State Employees earning under $30K annually - 40% off resumes.

Community Commitment:

Favor is committed to causes that bring Hope and Restoration to all, primarily the youth. It is committed to helping to steer our young people (primarily males) away from the tentacles of the Criminal Justice system, propelling them into their God-given Greatness. As such, a portion of Favor's profits will be funneled into the non-profit organization founded by Dale:

Destination Greatness Inc.

You can also read more about Dale Broome @

Mission Statement: ​To diligently seek good, thereby, procuring favor. Proverbs 11:27.

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