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Office Decor

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 Consignment & Vintage clothing

 There are so many ADVANTAGES to buying Vintage clothing (as opposed to brand new apparel).  One of these advantages is: It will not break your bank account, as you will be buying high-quality clothing at a small fraction of the cost. It pays to buy Vintage!

Vintage clothing is a popular trend. If you have any doubt about this, just check out many of the celebrities and fashion influencers around the globe. With a myriad of styles, Vintage clothing allows one to easily create and show off ones versatility and uniqueness. 

Vintage Office Decor

The key to decorating a space is by mixing and matching both contemporary and vintage pieces so that a room looks thoughtfully planned out and well organized. Adding vintage pieces allows each piece to tell its story--one that might very easily tug at the heart-string.

A rug is one of the most pronounced changes you can make to any room. Finding the right rug, therefore, matters.  A Vintage rug can sometimes extend beyond 100 years of age while falling within the $1,000 price-tag. Your budget will thank you later!

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