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~Your Future is Bright~

Professional Resumes & Cover Letter Writing

Resumes, Cover letters and Bios are marketing tools.  They give you a platform to sell yourself. Like any other tool out there, they need to be assembled correctly and utilized effectively.

Through in-depth questioning techniques, via questionnaires, telephone interviews or/and in person, Favor will professionally extract your individual skills, experience and accomplishments and tailor them to your specific goal. We guarantee the highest level of professionalism always.

Our Job Search documents include the following:

Women's Wardrobe & Image Consulting

Do you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear?

Are you stuck in the past with clothing from the last two decades?

Have you lost or gained weight and are looking for a complete makeover?


Do you simply not have the time to buy, organize, or enhance your wardrobe with clothes that are just right for your figure?

Let us assist you with a complete personal and professional style that will keep you polished and current.

Some services include the following: 

Women's Business/Interview Attire & Accessories Sale

Looking for Greatness

in the workplace?

​Well...Greatness cost!

One way to go about it is to 

Dress for Success--Everyday!

Start the ball rolling by making a lasting first impression! 

Shop for "WOW" pieces!

These are clothes

that make a bold statement in

color & cut!

Clothes with Attitude!

Clothes with Presence!

Wherever & whenever you show up, your clothes should shout--

I am here; we can start now!

Some words of wisdom 

Never be prideful or arrogant!

Stay Humble!

Stay Confident!

Other Business Services

Interview Preparation

Application Help

Complaint Letters

Miscellaneous Letters

Speeches & Presentations

Shadow Writing

Book Editing

Misc. Editing

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